OJS 3 - Custom navigation item - template name

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I am currently creating a custom theme for OJS version and basing it on Bootstrap 5. I have added some custom pages to the primary navigation menu that have unique URL slugs, i.e.: a new page called Author Hub, with the slug: author-hub

This new page needs to have its own custom template (.tpl) file but is currently being displayed using one of the base templates, which one is unknown to me.

What should this custom template file be called?
I had assumed something like templates/frontend/pages/authorHub.tpl but that isn’t working.

Have I missed something here? Just looking to create a custom template for a custom page.

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As a follow-up to this, I realise now that OJS doesn’t work in this manner. I was hoping that there would be a way to determine which template would be used when creating a custom page.

Perhaps this could be something that the devs would consider adding as a feature - when creating a custom page, add another field that takes a template path/name and uses that instead of content.tpl.

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Further to my previous post - I still have a question regarding custom pages. Which template is used by default to display all custom pages?

I have an issue with the breadcrumb display that I would like to rectify but I can’t identify the template being used.

Any ideas?

Hi @Ant_Forshaw

The custom pages template is stored on the following file:

However, if you would like to customize this page, I recommend to create a child theme and save a copy of the file to work with it. Please, read further about Child Themes from PKP documentation:


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Thanks @israel.cefrin

Just what I needed :slight_smile: It’s working now.

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