OJS 3 - change wrong date in "How to cite"

Hello folks,

We use OJS3.
I am facing the following (and in part self-created) problem.
Due to several reasons (which turned out to be not reasonable - afterwards) I unpublished and re-published the issue of november 2016 in may this year.
Now, the new - wrong - publication date shows up in the metadata of the article even though it is reported to be published correctly (see fig. 1) as if published in may (see fig. 2). Technically, this is correct (because I wrongly republished the issue by then); however, i would prefer to have the officially correct data back for obvious reasons …
I can access the db directly just in case I had to tamper there …

Thank you for all input - cw

Hi @Jesaiah,

You can correct the publication date by editing the issue in the Back Issues list; look on the Issue Data form.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello Alec,

I just noticed that I obviously forgot to attach fig. 1 and 2 - now, see below.

In the pics you can see that the publication date is set correctly, nevertheless, the citation date is wrong … seems to be a problem in the database. But where?

Hi @Jesaiah,

There’s also the article’s publication date – you can correct that in the “Schedule for Publication” pop-up.


Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Yes, that´s it! Thank you very much!


@asmecher Thank you very much!

Hi @asmecher! I am not sure it is correct to use this date (year) for the metadata being exported (and used in the ‘how to cite’ block). If the journal manager enters the year in the ‘Identification’ field and then additionally checks the ‘year’ box, then he explicitly intends to use this year as a part of the issues and articles metadata.
Our journal managers get often misled by this. Would others agree with me?

@Ph_We I agree! I got an email today from an author of an article published in 2014 (printed version) and it was published in 2016 (digital version) The date of publication is correctly entered in 2016 and the issue year as 2014. Why is the “how to cite” getting the publication year from the publication date and not the author year?

Is it possible to change that @asmecher?

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