[OJS-3] can submitted reviews be edited or removed?

For our journal (using OJS-3.1.2), a reviewer had accidentally submitted an incomplete review and asked for a way to update it.

I’ve looked around, but couldn’t find how to do so:

  • when a submitted review is shown in the “Review Details” dialog, all form fields responses are displayed but inactive (i.e. not editable)
  • in the database, PhpMyadmin doesn’t allow editing the rows of the review_form_responses table, since they don’t contain a unique key column

Additionally, when trying to find a workaround in the UI, it is not possible to:

  • modify a submitted review (see above, listed here for completeness)
  • cancel a submitted review
  • assign a new review to the same reviewer in the same review round

Unless I’m overlooking anything, I’m at a loss for what seems to be a common problem: post-editing of accidentally submitted reviews. I could understand that it might not be ideal to allow reviewers themselves to edit their reviews after they’ve submitted them, but it would be sensible if the editors could do so. I’ve checked the Github issues but couldn’t find any open issue on this matter.

Currently (again, unless I’m overlooking anything), the only option seems to assign a new reviewer (either by asking the original reviewer to create a new account just for this purpose, or by assigning it to an editor) and redo the review. But I can’t imagine there isn’t a cleaner way?