[OJS 3] Best way to 'migrate' from usual to git-installation?


We are on 3.0.2 now. And so far we’ve used the ‘normal’ process of installation/upgrade (by downloading packages and installing them).
But now we see it might be worth to use a git repository. What might be the ‘best practice’ for moving to this method?

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Hi @Ph_We , remember that OJS is upgraded just making replacement of files and then you can execute the update function.

I follow this steps for install from GitHub:

and then, you need to follow some more steps:

Fo me was required “Install Composer dependencies”, but maybe you need “Install Node dependencies” too.

If you have access to SSH or local access this steps could work, but maybe not for shared hosting.

I’m also going to be attentive to see if anyone else helps with this, I think many of us are a bit confused about it.

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Hi @t4x0n,
Thank you! We seem to have done all of it. But we began with upgrading to 3.1. And only then tried to transfer it to git installation.

The fact was we got some bugs after upgrading to 3.1, and then got some other bugs after using the ‘Git’ method. Now it is hard to find out if those additional issues are related to 3.1 as such or with our attempts to use Git.

So now we try to find out if there’s something we could have missed…

Hi @t4x0n
How about shared hosting with SSH support? Can we do in such server?


Hi @Ph_We, I am like you. I have just one installation from GitHub only for learning; this setup was made with GitHub following the above instructions but I am not sure how to upgrade to 3.1.0-1… something is not working, so I can’t help you.

Hi @anupent,
I think this is possible, but maybe you need more than only SSH support, I think you need permission other things… But you can try!! of course with an installation only for test

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