OJS 3 authors can see all participants

I don’t know if it’s a feature or a bug, but for us it’s a serious confidentiality issue.
When discussing about an article, the editor in charge typically invites a number of other editors to participate in the discussion.

Recently we discovered that the author of the article can actually see the list of invited participants. Simply by creating a new discussion. Can we turn this off?

Hi @san,

I am not sure does the author see all the participants (including reviewers) or only editors? I would assume only editors, which is OK. But should not see the reviewers. Double blind support is only for reviewing proces, while editors and authors see each other.

Regards, Primož

Hi Primož

indeed the author sees all editors (not reviewers)
but we have an editorial board of about 30 people, and for each paper we invite 5-6 editors.
Knowing their name is already giving too much information to the authors, to our opinion. We would like that the authors only see the chief-editor’s name.

In my test, the author can see all participants that are included in the discussion. We use ojs But the author can create a new discussion with journal manager, and editors. No reviewers are listed. Whether true or not, the editor should be careful, and I think should create separate discussions with reviewers.
Ugur Kocak.

We have the same concern, we´d prefer the authors not to know the specific editors involved in the evaluation of their submission.