OJS 3 apy key - how to

Hello forum,
I’m trying to configure the api. Unfortunatly I’m not an expert…
I read a topic on the forum, but the solution doesn’t work with my installation.
The url should be this:

So, if I’m logged in, i can see the json correctly, If I’m not I see a 404.
The question is where can I generate this “api.key.generated.for.user” to let an external NOT logged user see the json?
I tried with “api_key_secret” in config.inc.php but nothing :frowning:
Thank you!

Hi Giulio_Anesa,

One you set your secret key via api_key_secret in config.inc.php, go to your user profile page. Under API Key tab you will be able to generate a new API key.

Let me know if you need further guidance,


Hello kaschioudi, thank you so much for your help. Now It works correctly!