OJS 3 and OMP 3 customLocale


I am interested in customLocal functionality/plugin for the OJS3 and OMP3. I have seen following topic that touches it a little bit:

I am not so much interested in UI part of the plugin, I would like to have opportunity to customize some wording using customeLocale folder, that is to manually produce customLocal .xml files. I have tested on OJS 3 and created some changes, saved in …\public\journals\1\customLocale\sl_SI\lib\pkp\locale\sl_SI\admin.xml, but it looks like the OJS doesn’t look into that file.

I would like to ask if that should work without the customLocale plugin or the plugin is a must for that functionality? I got a feeling that it should work and that the plugin just adds UI part for making customization.

Regards, Primož

Hi Primož,

I stumbled upon your post while looking for information on this plugin.
You definetly need the plugin, because OJS wont register the locale files in this directory on its own.
The plugin takes care of this with a hook function.


Nils Weiher