[OJS-3.4.0-4] AddThis Plugin /Scopus/Crossref Plugin not waorking on server


After installation of the Scopus/Crossref plugin, it rotates to load but disappears after some time. It is working on localhost but not on the server. I am using @RBoelter developed plugin: GitHub - RBoelter/citations: Scopus/Crossref Plugin for OJS 3.x : This plugin shows the total number of citations and a "cited by" article list from Scopus and/or Crossref.

Screenshot 2023-12-08 161908

Hi @shantanusingh,

Are you able to check your PHP error logs and report on error messages from there? Often times, the spinning wheel will point to an error that might be occurring on your site.

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis Thanks for your reply.

As far as I can check the error logs, there are no fatal errors reported, only plugin exception logs are generated. If I inspect through dev tools it displays the citation URL.

Here I am attaching the Error log.

Now the Scopus/Crossref Plugin working but after enabling the AddThis Plugin for social media is not showing icons.

Maybe this error is helpful.

Canvas2D: Multiple readback operations using getImageData are faster with the willReadFrequently


It is my understanding that all AddThis services, including the AddThis plugin, was terminated in May 2023. AddThis is/was owned by Oracle who made the business decision of getting rid of the service. A press statement of this decision can be found here: https://www.addthis.com/. Our institution has been testing the Shariff plugin as an alternative, as many of our journals rely heavily on using the social media buttons feature in OJS as a way of easily sharing articles. It may be worth looking into the Shariff plugin as an alternative. It supports a much larger group of social media platforms beyond the standard big ones (Facebook, for example), to include LinkedIn, Reddit, and many more. I hope this helps!


Regarding addThis which has been discontinued, there is a privacy-conscious option to replace it:

There is a discussion about this at AddThisPlugin: Notice of Termination of AddThis Services - #4 by marc