OJS 3.3 Security warning, not recognizing legitimate firewall

OJS 3.3:**

Our site administrator has installed Sucurri Firewall to protect ATLAANZ Journal

However, OJS does not recognise this, meaning that our contributors and peer-reviewers are unable upload docs. (Well, they can if they’re brave enough to ‘proceed to journal (unsafe)’ but this is a step too far for most.) Journal screenshot

Our site administrator can resolve issue individually for each user (but, to quote his words, this entails ‘poking so many holes in firewall that it’s virtually useless’)
Is there anything you can you can do at your end to help?

Hi @DebL

It seems that you have enabled your SSL/HTTPS in OJS but it is not installed in your webserver.
Could you please confirm with you IT admin whether they can install it for you ?


Thanks for this. I have contacted our IT admin, who has uninstalled Succuri for the time being.
From your experience, do you think we need a firewall for our OJS site?
If “yes”, do you have suggestions of any compatible programmes we might use?
Best wishes