OJS 3.3 Journals categorization and import/Export tools


We are using OJS and we are looking for a way to categorize the journals into different categories. Our main goal NOT to display all journals at once in the main page, however we are looking for categorizing them into two main categories. Could you please advise if this approach is doable at the level of journal for categorization.

Also, could you please advise if its doable to batch import full texts (PDF) with the metadata using Native XML Plugin tool?

Hi @naboeita92,

You can see some discussion of this in this post here: [OJS] Grouping journals by category - #8 by rcgillis

This isn’t feasible really within OJS unless you resort to customization (which carries certain risks)

This isn’t accomplished by import/export tools though - those are something different and are used to important back issue (or current) content for journals.

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis

Thank you for your reply.

With respect my question about import/export tool using native xml plugin, I didn’t mean how to accomplish the categorization using it. Both questions are not correlated.

It was a general question if importing full text files using this plugin is doable? Could you please advise.

Hi @naboeita92,

Thanks for clarifying. For future questions, please try to limit your posts to one topic per post - this helps keep the forum more tidy and focuses post on one particular issue, which can be more beneficial for users who might learn from these posts.

With respect to the XML import however, yes importing the full text of the files is doable. I’d recommend having a look at the example XML here: test 1

This post also gives some helpful advice on linking to files that you’d import via native XML: Importing PDFs from remote URL with Native XML Plugin - #3 by bibliothekswelt

PKP Team