OJS 3.3 - how do I enforce processing of (old) log files in usageEventLogs folder?

Describe the issue or problem
I manage journals on OJS 3.3 (that I plan to upgrade to 3.4). They are configured to run their tasks every 6 hours (I think they are configured correctly I followed configure and statistics)

php tools/runScheduledTasks.php
php tools/runScheduledTasks.php plugins/generic/usageStats/scheduledTasks.xml

These commands complete without any kind of feedback, however in the journals I still have about 5 days of log files in their usageStats/usageEventLogs. I also tried the other lines mentioned in the statistics page and also tried enabling acron. On the other hand somehow the logs from previous week got processed.

This is very annoying as the upgrade gets aborted with the “unprocessed log files” error. Discarding one week of stats or manually converting each to the new format isn’t convenient either.

In the scheduledTaskLogs/ I see a logfile created with content:

[2024-02-21 06:13:06] https://www.xxxxxxxx.org
[2024-02-21 06:13:06] [Notice] Task process started.
[2024-02-21 06:13:06] [Notice] Task process stopped.

I figured it out; In case anyone encounters the same issue I’ll leave my notes.

Turns out my issue was twofold:

  1. calling one of the scheduledTasks xmls marks them as executed and the other won’t execute in the next 24h (and so my idea to just run all three of them in cron didn’t work)
  2. the scheduledTasksAutoStage.xml (which was the correct one for my case) has an extra <frequency hour="0"/> - so it would only execute after midnight (and not in business hours when I was working, nor the time I set the cron job).

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