[OJS 3.3] Display DOI in Issue


I wanted to display the DOI in the issue section similarly as it is display in the article section. Is there an option in the UI that I’m missing or do I have to modify the template and if so where?
I’m using OJS and Manuscripts version

Best regards,
José Nobre

Lepidus has developed a plugin that displays the DOI in the table of contents. You can install it from the plugin gallery.

I’m unsure if I installed it correctly, used 7zip to compress the file to .tar.gz but the OJS doesn’t recognize the name of the plugin and DOI isn’t displayed.
Did I make a mistake?

Hi @josenobre ,

There is no need to compress files. In the link in my post above you can see a step-by-step guide to the correct installation.

I suggest removing any previously installed packages and installing them from the gallery.

Once installed and active, if you are using a theme other than the default, you can switch to the default to validate that the plugin works.