OJS 3.3 article component options not appearing in "What kind of file is this?" dialog box

Description of issue or problem I’m having:

I have defined various article components under Workflow > Submission > Components. Some of these components were present by default (e.g., Image, Multimedia), and others I added (e.g., Cover Page). However, these components do not appear in the “What kind of file is this?” dialog box that users can choose from after they upload a file and click the “Other” option instead of “Article Text.” In other words, the “What kind of file is this?” dialog box only shows a fixed list of options that does not include the ones mentioned above - instead, it just lists the following: article text, research instrument, research materials, research results, transcripts, data analysis, data set, source texts, other.

Is there a way to configure the options in this list to include Image, Multimedia, and any custom items that I define in in the submission workflow settings?

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Hi @devsoper,

Thanks for sharing. What specific version are you using (e.g. 3.3.0-8?). I’d be curious to test this and see if I get the same result.

PKP Team

Thanks, Roger. We are using

Hi @devsoper,

An interesting thing that I noticed when I tested this. There are two options:

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 9.26.56 AM

If you select the second option (these are supplementary files) - your new item (I used cover page as a test case) does appear. Whereas, if you select the first option, it doesn’t. I’m going to look into this a bit further, but can you test it out with just the supplementary files option and see if it works for you?

PKP Team

That works for me, Roger! Thanks so much for your help with this.