OJS 3.3.05 - OAI - no resumptionToken


after uprading to OJS I no longer get a resumptionToken in OAI. Does anyone have the same problem?
I looked into ./lib/pkp/classes/oai/PKPOAIDAO.inc.php and $total never contains the total number of articles. I guess it’s because RecordCount() doesn’t work anymore, and the replacement does not work properly?
@asmecher, there is a FIXME in the file, maybe you can take a look?

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This works in my installation, but is even more inefficient:

-    for ($count = 0; ($row = $result->current()) && $count < $limit; $count++) {		
+    for ($count = 0; $row = $result->current(); $count++) {
-          $records[] = $this->_returnRecordFromRow((array) $row);
+         if ($count < $limit) $records[] = $this->_returnRecordFromRow((array) $row);

in the functions getRecords(), getIdentifiers() and in the Driver Plugin.

Hi @ohilbig01,

Good spotting! You’re right, there’s a bug there – I’ve filed it here:

I’ll file another issue for the performance penalty and link it from there.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team