[OJS 3.3.0-8] How to change API key for TinyMCE

I have installed the latest version of OJS 3.3.0-8. After logging into the admin panel, I see the following message: The API key you have entered is invalid. Please review your API key.
The plugin is active by default. I already have my API key from tiny.cloud. Where should I enter it?
I searched the plugin code and settings files but found nothing to help fix the problem.

Hi @mkarpowicz,

Can you try the solution suggested here: [OJS 3.2.0.] Invalid API key - #2 by hasp89 - and see if that works?

PKP Team

I tried this solution but it is no longer valid for this version.
In OJS 3.3.0-8, the TinyMCE plugin is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

Hi @mkarpowicz,

Thanks for trying - worth a shot. I’ll try to see if our developers can suggest any possible solution or workaround when they are available.

Best regards,

PKP Team

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