OJS Custom Locale Plugin: language cannot be changed

We host a number of journals with two or three languages. We want to change some of the translations in some of the languages. However, we cannot change the language: the plugin is fixated on one, and any attempts to change it by selecting a different primary language (for the journal) had no effect (as explained here How to Use the Custom Locale Plugin for Open Journal Systems (OJS), Open Monograph Press (OMP), and Open Preprint Systems (OPS)).

We’re using OJS, Custom Locale Plugin v.

Can anyone confirn this problem?



P.S. I didn’t try to change the site-wide primary language, as it says “Are you sure you want to change the site primary locale? Users’ names, which are required in the site’s primary locale, will be copied from the existing primary locale where they are missing.” and I’m not sure about the consequences of this.

Hi @felixhelix

Have you tried searching within the customLocale plugin? There’s a search option up at the top of the plugin, clicking the search provides you with an option to look inside other locales.


Thanks @jnugent ! That did the trick!

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