OJS anonymous reviewers are disclosed if author initiates discussion

Description of issue or problem I’m having:
When an article is in review, the author can initiate a discussion. Doing this, he adds participants, among those the anonymous reviewers. In the course of this, the name of the reviewer is disclosed.

Application Version OJS

For an example see the following image:


If this can be confirmed, this is a major problem for anonymous reviews!



Your author also has editorial roles.
If your author also has editorial roles, a result will emerge as you say.
Anonymous reviews is not possible if an author has an editorial role.

Thanks @kerimsarigul, I checked this, and indeed did the authors also have editorial roles. So this solved this issue!
But in another case, where the author has no additional roles, the reviewer has been disclosed also. In this case the reviewer themselve also has editorial roles. In this case they is listed as editor, but also as reviewer.

As can be seen, the second person is listed as editor, but also noted to be a reviewer in a single blind review (“Anonymer Gutachter / Offengelegter Autor”).
In my opinion this should not be allowed, as it discloses the actual reviewer.


I make a new topic out of this last one and mark this one as solved.