[OJS] Find locale


I’m having trouble finding the correct .po file to change “Português (Portugal)” to just “Português”.
I can’t use the Custom Locale plugin since by mistake I activated it on the homepage of a multiple journal OJS installation which causes error and requires me to delete the history on the Database and i don’t have the permissions yet so i wanted to know if someone knows which file i need to change on the server.
I tried to search every .po file but I can’t seem to find the correct one.

locale1 locale2

Best regards,
José Nobre

Hi @josenobre,

Which locale are you using - pt or pt_BR?

PKP Team

You can find it in the files below.

  1. —plugins\generic\citationStyleLanguage\lib\vendor\citation-style-language\locales\locales.json

  2. —registry\locales.xml


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Hi @rcgillis

I’m using -pt, is the method different to change the localization.

Greetings @kerimsarigul

Thank you for your advice, i noticed that you are using the Citation Style Language plugin.
I searched for it and noticed that the plugin is only compatible with OJS 3.1.x. but I’m using
Will there be any problem?
Do i need to install citeproc-php to use the plugin?

Best regards,
José Nobre

I use this plugin in both versions and
This is one of the main plugins of OJS.


Hi @kerimsarigul

Thank you for your reply i was able to install the plugin but even after changing the file there was no change, i tried to clear the cache but there was no change.

Best regards,
José Nobre