OJS editor cannot edit submission metadata if assigned as copyeditor

Hello, one of my journal editors serves as both a Copyeditor and the Production Editor for her journal. We have found that, if she was assigned as Copyeditor for a submission, she could not also edit the metadata for that submission. I found that the problem persisted even if I removed the Copyeditor role from her account and assigned her the Journal Editor role.

However, even with the Copyeditor role assigned to the account, this same user is still able to edit metadata for submissions to which she has not been assigned as Copyeditor.

Is this a bug or is this working as intended? If working as intended, can you suggest a workaround for someone who functions as Copyeditor to also edit the metadata?


Addendum: in the Roles tab, I gave the Copyeditor role access to the Production stage. However, this user’s account still could not edit the metadata for a submission to which she was assigned as Copyeditor, despite the presence of higher-level editorial roles for the account.

I believe its intended.

Quoting @NateWr in https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/issues/3758#issuecomment-542580447

  1. If a manager has a stage assignment, they are treated according to the role they have in the stage assignment. Same with a review assignment.
  2. If a manager has no stage assignment or review assignment for the submission, they are treated as a manager with access to everything.