[OJS] ORCID Email Templates URLs

I have one of our Journals asking about in the email templates for both Submission ORCID and Requesting ORCID record access, where does the link go to:
More information about ORCID at {$contextName}? The person is concerned of where the {$contextName} link is resolving to in those 2 email templates. The person says that the URL looks like it hasn’t been set. When I click edit and the link icon and select it shows for the URL: {$orcidAboutUrl}. Can the URL be edited or should it be edited? We are running OJS and the journal has the ORCID Profile Plugin enabled.

Hi @Stephen

These strings are template variables and they are replaced by OJS when the system sends the respective notification. E.g. {$contextName} is the journal’s name you set when creating your journal.

Have you tested to send these notifications to yourself and check whether it is replacing it correctly?


Thanks Israel. Does the variable {$orcidAboutUrl} look like it should be as a hyperlink for More information about ORCID at {$contextName}? I will pass the info to the person at the journal to try and test.