OJS Option to deleting incomplete submissions is not available

I want to delete incomplete submissions from the submission que as a journal manager. There use to be an option to delete these incomplete submissions. After upgrading to OJS, I can not find this option. Please see the screenshot.
Screenshot 2021-02-24 09.23.06

Is this option removed in OJS or it is a bug.

Hi @seisense,

It’s removed as part of: Deleting from submission list is too prominent and rarely used · Issue #2615 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub
You can find discussion about handling incomplete submissions here: Tools to clean old incomplete submissions · Issue #4540 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

I was also worried about this, but now I see that it still can be deleted. However, it needs to be registered as “declined” first!


It means editor need to complete the incomplete submissions first. Below is one of the incomplete submission:
Screenshot 2021-02-24 16.17.12

1- Editor should complete all the submission stages.
2- Then decline the submission
3- Then only delete the submission.

Please correct me if I understood it wrong?

Yes, I think it the simplest way in 3.3.0 (if the author doesn’t delete it)
How to handle incomplete submissions is still under discussion.

Isn’t it also possible to delete a submission by the php-tool deleteSubmissions.php?
However, then you need to have access to the server.

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It seems to me that this is not a nice new feature in OJS. Authors very often do not understand the article submission interface (or for other reasons) stop trying to submit and such “widow submissions” constantly annoy the eyes of editors. It takes some time to complete the above three steps for each such unfinished submisson. But the main thing is that it looks extremely redundant for performing a simple (although not often required) action - deleting empty article. I don’t know where to find the best place for the delete button, but now the sequence of actions looks strange.
And note… for example, in my case I do not have access to my server through Terminal and I cannot run tools/deleteSubmissions.php in the command line.

Deleting such incomplete submission feature is to be bring back, I think. If the Journal Editors do the above mentioned ‘3 steps’, author may get a notification that their submission has been received by journal office and so on (of course Editors can restrict some of those communications from being sent). But deleting incomplete submissions was a useful feature.

Dear @kksabu
The site administrator and journal managers can still delete incomplete submissions by using “Login As” function. But it might take a little longer time since it requires to log in as the user for each submission.
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Screen Shot 2021-05-23 at 23.15.22

Screen Shot 2021-05-23 at 23.16.21

Screen Shot 2021-05-23 at 23.17.01

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Ok, thanks. Let me try this option.

In the latest version, even the author could not delete their own submission. Please bring back the feature to delete incomplete submissions


Hi all, I am also running into trouble with this with an editor who has some incomplete submissions and is struggling with removing them (using OJS If an option to delete incomplete submissions could be available, even for authors, that would be great.

Hi, I would like to add my support for having the option to delete incomplete submissions in 3.3 and above. We are currently running 3.1.2 and planning our 3.3 upgrade. A journal editor had uploaded some back issue content in 3.1.2 and in the process generated some incomplete submissions. Having the delete option allowed them to clear irrelevant items in their queue. In 3.3 they would have to complete the entire submission, assign themselves as editor, decline and then delete. This is a long workaround for getting rid of pesky incomplete submissions. Thanks for considering!

I solved this OJS 3.3 problem
in the js/build.js find the function:
currentUserCanDelete: function() {
return !(this.userAssignedRole(pkp.const.ROLE_ID_AUTHOR) || !this.userAssignedRole([pkp.const.ROLE_ID_MANAGER, pkp.const.ROLE_ID_SITE_ADMIN]) || this.item.status !== pkp.const.STATUS_DECLINED) || !(!this.userAssignedRole(pkp.const.ROLE_ID_AUTHOR) || 0 === this.item.submissionProgress)

and replace it with:
currentUserCanDelete: function() {
return !(this.userAssignedRole(pkp.const.ROLE_ID_AUTHOR) || !this.userAssignedRole([pkp.const.ROLE_ID_MANAGER, pkp.const.ROLE_ID_SITE_ADMIN])) || !(!this.userAssignedRole(pkp.const.ROLE_ID_AUTHOR) || 0 === this.item.submissionProgress)

Hi all,

I am wondering whether there is a way to add the delete fıunction for OJS 3.3.07.
I reviewed the forum yet have not found an answer for this issue.

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