OJS 3.3.0-16 email problem

We upgraded our system from to 3.3.0-16. We are not getting a copy of all email communications to primary contact email. This feature was active in version and a copy of all messages (new submission, uploaded revised manuscript, received referee reports etc.) was sent to the primary contact. How can we make this setting in version 3.3.0-16? I would be happy if you help me.

What application are you using? : 3.3.0-16

Request: We want to receive a copy of all incoming and outgoing e-mails to the primary contact address.

Best wishes

Hi @eurjchem,

If you’ve upgraded from OJS 2.4 to 3.3, you’ll no doubt notice some pretty drastic changes. OJS handles notifications quite a bit differently than it does in OJS 2, and it does so by giving users granular control over which messages they receive. Users can change their individual notification settings from their own profile under View Profile > Notifications.

It’s also worth noting that notifications related to a specific submission may depend on whether or not the editor (or whomever) is assigned as a participant in a given submission. You can get a better sense of how this works in OJS 3.3 by looking at our learning OJS guide:


PKP Team

Thank you for your message, I looked at the documents you sent. First of all, I could not find the setting section for the following section in OJS 3.3.0-16.

Secondly, sometimes the system appears to have sent an email, but the email server does not send an email out due to an internal error, but it sends the related copy email to the address into the server. Therefore, if a copy of all messages is sent to an address such as managing@eurjchem.com, we can forward this message to the recipients when necessary.

Hmmm… you’re right - I don’t see it either. The documentation could be mistaken - let me look into that.

To speak to your second issue - it’s difficult to know what might be going on here, but we do have a number of suggestions on email configuration/troubleshooting that you (or possibly your systems administrator, if that’s not you) might want to look into: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/admin-guide/en/deploy-email

PKP team

Hi @eurjchem!

I’ve inspected the code fast and looks like this option doesn’t exist in OJS 3.3, I could find it in OJS 3.4 though, see:

There’s code to send the notification to the primary contact in OJS 3.3 though. Is the “internal error” happening at OJS? If not, then it will be easier to get some help with the technical support of your server, then, if it’s something we’re doing wrong, you can come back here with more details.

Jonas Raoni

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Hi Jonas,

When I submit a decision in OJS2 (e.g. Revision request), I receive a cc copy of the revision decision email and its attachments.

In OJS3, when I send a decision to the Author (e.g. Revision request), I, as the Editor, cannot receive a copy of this message (email) in my email account. So I’m not sure if the email went through or not.

Therefore, I would like to receive a copy of all communications in my account.

I would be very happy if you help me.

Hi! I forgot to answer this one.

I don’t know if you still seeing errors, but in order to receive a copy for every email, you’ll have to either:

  • Setup OJS to send emails using an email like “GMail” (and find a configuration there to send copies for you)
  • Or update the code which sends emails on OJS
  • Or suggest this as a feature https://forum.pkp.sfu.ca/c/feature-requests/8

Jonas Raoni

Thanks for reply.
I prefer/want to update the source code which sends emails on OJS3.
I checked but I did not find which php code sending email.
Could you please assist me to about which php codes sending emails.
Best wishes


This seems to be the best place to add your customization: pkp-lib/classes/mail/Mail.inc.php at cdda6f7bf28889200bfa3f0725bceaaeebf1131a · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

And you can use this function to send a copy to yourself:

Jonas Raoni

Dear Jonas Raoni,
Thank you very much for your help, finally we solved this problem.
Thank you very much again for your interest.
Best wishes

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