OJS - Platform Ignoring Subscription Paywall and Making All PDFs Viewable

We have a number of subscription journals and all work successfully in terms of needing a subscription to access all PDF content.

However, we have one platform where all the settings are the same, the Issues are listed under subscription and payment options are set up to purchase individual articles where not a subscriber, but the PDFs remain open for all public users to view and download.

Have tried checking and resetting all settings, as well as updating the platform, but the problem persists. Any ideas on what the issue may be or how to fix it? Thanks.


Hi @UBP2022

It is possible to set individual access settings on the articles within a journal. In this manner an issue can be subscription but articles may not be. Please make sure that the articles within the Table of Contents are not open access.


Thanks Jason for the suggestion - we have though checked the Issues published and as per screenshot below none are marked as open access.

We are therefore struggling to find out what is causing the issue - any further suggestions are welcome!