[OJS-3.3.0-11] URN Plugin: button label ("Assign") missing


if you want to assign the URN identifier to an article, the label “Assign” does not appear on the button:

This error also occurs on the OJS test drive, which is probably OJS 3.3.0-13.

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Hi @ohilbig01,

I think this depends on the options in the plugin settings you have enabled. Like this one:

This enabled the option to appear to me:

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis,

Thank you for your answer!

I do think it’s a bug. You can see in the picture I sent above, there is actually a button, to the right of the input field, but only the outline.

It even works: if you click on it, the URN is inserted. This button must be present for this very purpose. It works in exactly the same way as the one for the DOI.

It has nothing to do with the options, only the label (“Assign” or “Clear”) is missing. An invisible button is of course confusing for the user.

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Hi @ohilbig01,

Interesting. Because the invisible button didn’t show up for me. But maybe you used a different combination of plugin settings than I did? In any case, perhaps let us know what your settings are and we can test further. Looking at our most recent Github activity, @bozana - you might be most acquainted with this plugin and can help with/direct a potential fix?

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis,

I took the above picture in the OJS Test Drive:
You can also see the article ID in the image. You can call it up there and click on the button (only the border is visible):


In the test drive you can also see the plugin settings I used.

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Hi @ohilbig01,

Yes - I see it now.

@bozana: are you able to have a look at this?

For reference (for when the test drive resets), here are the plugin settings:

By the way, the error does not occur in OJS 3.4

I will take a look!
Thanks a lot for all the information!
Will then come back here… :slight_smile:

Hi @ohilbig01,

Locally I am using the GitHub and latest branch stable-3_3_0, and I cannot reproduce it, but I could reproduce it in the OJS Test Drive which uses, as you said.
I think this issue was fixed within this issue: pkp/pkp-lib#6293 consider urnCheckNo setting, fix checkDuplicate in PubIdPlugin by bozana · Pull Request #3897 · pkp/ojs · GitHub, and is available from on.


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Hi @bozana,

OK, thank you very much!