OJS : « Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned. » when trying to upload a revision

When trying to upload a file in the revision process of a paper (« Révision » in the French version, third panel in the submission processing page for a given paper), with the Transfer/Select files button either for « Fichier des ébauches finales » or « Versions révisées » fields, an error appear : « Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned »

The PHP log file shows the following message:
HP Fatal error: Declaration of ManageFinalDraftFilesForm::execute($stageSubmissionFiles, $fileStage = null) must be compatible with ManageSubmissionFilesForm::execute($stageSubmissionFiles = null, $fileStage = null, …$functionArgs) in /var/www/html/ojs-3.3.0-11/lib/pkp/controllers/grid/files/final/form/ManageFinalDraftFilesForm.inc.php on line 39, referer: http://info124.pharmacie.univ-paris5.fr:1987/OJS/index.php/ADAMA/workflow/index/21/4

I put in bold what seems the relevant part causing the error…

I read several posts about similar error messages on other part of the website, but could not found any workaround. I’m using the latest OJS version ( on a linux/Mageia 8 installation : php version 8.0.22 [php 7 is not supported by Mageia 8…], Apache/2.4.54 (Mageia) OpenSSL/1.1.1q PHP/8.0.22 mod_perl/2.0.10 Perl/v5.32.1, mysql / 10.5.16-MariaDB

So, I cannot upload revised version (« proofs ») for the authors to valid the final version for publication…

Any idea?
Thanks in advance,

Hi @ecuris,

This is: https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/issues/8067

The issue will be fixed in the next build, but meanwhile there is a two-line change you can apply to resolve it.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


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