[OJS] OJS automatically assigning production editor and section editor

Hello everyone,

We are running into an annoying, unnerving, situation.
Our very small editorial team has now two people responsible for the editorial process. Alex is responsible for the primary review, reading papers and indicating reviewers.
Then, I follow up downloading the original file, removing authorship identification, sending to review, uplaoding updated file, assign reviewers, taking editorial decisions and so on.

Unfortunately, OJS is assigning Alex as Production Editor (I asked him to remove that role, as I can’t, probably because we are both admins as well) and assigning me as Section Editor.

So, the sequence of steps that are taken for this to happen is:

  1. Editorial team member (usually Alex, with Production Editor/Manger role) logs in first and does primary review.
  2. Information on submission is input on external control spreadsheet used by editorial team to control editorial process.
  3. Editorial team member (usually me) logs in to check submission situation and take action to send to review and see through editorial process.

This has the following repercussions:

  • As Section Editor I’m unable to download the file.
  • I have to remove both editorial team member and assign them again as journal editors so I can download the file and see through the editorial process correctly.

I know it’s being done automatically because I don’t receive any system message assigning me to the submission. It’s a daily task logging in and checking submissions’ status.

Also, I’m not currently a Section Editor, so I don’t know how or why this is happening.

Also ennerving and annoying is the fact that I can’t assing multiple users at once. I need to select role, scroll down or show more users, select user and notify to assign them to a submission.

We didn’t assign people to sections either, but I am somehow assigned to the Articles section and I’m unable to remove myself from it.

NOTE: We are now forced to use Firefox, because OJS’s modal windows fail to load and work in our current Chrome versions for some reason. We believe there’s some kind of incompatibility issues with Chrome and OJS’s W3C standards, especially after the latest Chrome update, integrating Google Suite, Meet and GMail.

Figure 1 - Roles automatically defined by OJS when loggin in, apparently

Figure 2 - Role without permission to download file

Figure 3 - Assigned to section, but don’t know how that happened

Figure 4 - Unable to remove myself from section

Hello all,

We just removed the roles of Section Editor, Copyeditor and Production Manager from Alex’s profile.

Since the submissions were already processed by him first, I still have to remove previous team members.

When assigning new ones, the Production Manager was the first role displayed in the list, despite there being none available. I think that the first role displayed should be Journal Editor, as this is the primary role for this process, unless I’ve missed something.