OJS intermittent stalling - unusable


We have a server with OJS running and it has serious
problems. We want to migrate to OJS3x.

We tried to upgrade to 3.x according to the instructions.

All the upgrade attempts failed.

So we put a clean install of and populated it with everything
that is in the OJS2 installation.

Both versions are running on the same server.

The OJS2 installation runs quickly - response times are quite
fast. Always.

The OJS3 installation intermittently stalls for anything between 20
seconds and several minutes. Particularly, it stalls if one clicks,
for example, on ‘Website’ and then clicks ‘Workflow’ soon after.

There seems to be no pattern to when it will stall but after it has
stalled once, selecting other items on the left-hand panel also stalls

Server logs and PHP logs don’t show any errors for the OJS3
installation although they show many errors for the OJS2

In most cases the system eventually come back from stall and has
gone to the correct web page.

The delays are too numerous and too long and the site is unworkable so
we cannot migrate to OJS3 and are having to continue with using the
OJS2 installation and finding workarounds for the its problems.

For readers to the site - i.e. people using the Archives page to view
articles - the response times reliably fast.

We’ve spent months trying to get there and have had very little
success addressing this. Can anyone help? Desperate.


Have you made any analysis on the server resources. You can watch what cause the problem by doing some monitoring to the server resources. It can be possible that some illegitimate process have been running on your server without going noticed.

OJT team

Hi @elhay,

You are probably seeing the effects of MySQL table locks. Check the threads in the forum about InnoDB vs. MyISAM, and ensure that all tables are using the right storage engine.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks for the quick responses. I will look into what you have said.

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