OJS 3.2 DOI issue

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I see that the DOI plugin seems to be activated and should work properly for me in OJS 3.2, but in the new issue I just published, the DOI link leads to the error message in the attached screenshot. What is the problem and how can I fix this?


Hi Rachel,

That simply means that the DOI has not been deposited with a DOI registry service yet (e.g. Crossref, DataCite etc.). In your case, it looks like McMaster University Library Press is a Crossref member. You can deposit the DOIs automatically via OJS, or you can do it manually via OJS (also quick and easy!) - or via the Crossref deposit form (CrossRef - DOI Deposit Form). I would recommend depositing the DOIs via OJS as it is a very simple process:

Go to Tools → Import/Export → Crossref XML Export Plugin

On the Settings page, you can check to make sure everything is set up for a successful CrossRef deposit. Since you have deposited DOIs for previous issues, I am sure everything is fine.

At the bottom of the page you can check the following checkbox:

As long as everything is set up ok, OJS will automatically deposit the DOIs within 24 hours or so.

If you want to manually deposit the DOIs right away - also very easy! - click on the Articles tab (next to the Settings tab). Select the articles you wish to deposit DOIs for, see example below:


Scroll down and click the blue Deposit button. That’s it! =)

If you have any problems with the above process (in case details are missing on the Crossref settings page) you should be able to get help from your publisher. I noticed they say this on their website:

“McMaster University Library Press is a Crossref publisher. We mint and register a [DOI] for all articles published, assuring permanent, reliable linking for your journal.”

Best wishes,

Hi Emma,

Thank you so much! For some reason, this automatic deposit didn’t seem to be working even though that checkbox was checked off, but the manual deposit worked! Thank you :slight_smile: