OJS 3.2 config issue with several locales

I have three locales installed and activated in my system. We accept article in three languages, however, the user interface is configured for two languages only.
For all of locales, I enabled “Forms” and “Submissions” flags, but “UI” is enabled only for two necessary locales.
I make some configuration changes, say, enable the Language toggle block (well, I fixed js code with npm)
Press “Save” button
I get error messages “This language is not accepted” near all multilang fields for the language with disabled UI.

To get the result, I need (i) enable the third locale for UI (ii) make changes and save them (iii) disable the temporarily enabled locale.


Hi @Vasyl_Ostrovskyi,

Can you describe your goals a little more? I haven’t considered cases where languages would be available on forms or for submissions, but aren’t enabled under UI.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,
Indeed, this is how our production server works. Our main language is Ukrainian, and we also have English version of the user interface.
However, since Russian is also widely used here and we have tight relations with several post-Soviet states, we accept papers in Russian, too. The same time, the journal policy is not to present general content in Russian.
So, the solution is to have three languages, while only two of them being enablied for UI. This worked fine in 3.1, but causes some troubles in 3.2 as described above.

Vasyl Ostrovskyi

In order to work in Russian at all, I think you’re going to need to enable it under UI. Without that, the system won’t consider it a supported locale and you’re going to run into all kinds of errors in the backend.

So I think the best way to solve this is going to be do hide the Russian link in the Languages toggle block on the reader-facing site. I can think of a few ways of doing that:

  1. You may be able to hide it with some simple CSS. If you can send me a link to your journal where the Russian language option appears, I can provide some CSS to hide it.

  2. You can use a custom theme to override the language block template so it only shows the languages you want.

  3. In a generic plugin you can use the TemplateManager::fetch hook to modify which languages are available for the language block.

This situation concerns not only the Russian language. This is how one of our journals looks, articles in which are accepted in a number of languages, but the site is supported in Russian and English:

If we get to updating OJS to 3.2, we’ll also have difficulties and will have to look for workarounds.

Hi @NateWr,
Thank you for your suggestions. But in practice, the real solution here is to stay with 3.1.
Moreover, there is an option to enable locales for forms and submissions but not for UI. Notice that you cannot allow submissions for locales where forms are disabled, and this is quite justified.

Probably, to let the system know that the locale is active, there can be a separate option “enable locale”?

Since it is possible to disable a locale for UI and enable it for forms, it must not lead to further errors.
Otherwise, there is no sense to have different options to enable locale for UI, forms, and submissions, and leave only ‘enable locale’ option (which is a bad idea).


Hi @rkhalikov and @Vasyl_Ostrovskyi,

My apologies, I don’t think I correctly understood the original request. It should be possible to run with that configuration. I have just tested with a similar configuration and tried out a couple of forms without any problems.


So I think in order to track this down, I’ll need to know precisely which forms you’re getting the errors on. It is likely that the correct set of locales is not being tested against in those particular cases.

If you could provide a list of forms that you’ve noticed are effected, with clear instructions on where they live, that’d be great. Something like:

  1. Submissions > Click on submission > Publication > Title & Abstract > Save

Thank you, @NateWr,
For now, I just wanted to upload the journal logo. Go to Settings->Website->Appearance->Setup.
Upload logo file and set alttext, click Save.
Red message “Please correct 4 errors”. Click it, and see red boxex “This language is not accepted.” near four inputs for Russian locale.

I will write if more such places arise.

The same for all multilingual fields in Settings->Journal, Website, Workflow, Distribution


Thanks @Vasyl_Ostrovskyi, that clears things up! I was thinking the error was in the submissions forms. I was able to reproduce what you describe and I think I’ve tracked down all of the places where the error occurs. You can view progress on this issue here:


If you’re technical support and you’re familiar with patches/diffs, I’d appreciate you testing out the changes I made. If not, that’s ok. I expect the changes to make it into the next maintenance release (3.2.0-1).

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I have the same problem; I just upgraded to OJS 3.3.7, because of the error display, I restore backup to ojs 3.2.1, but when setting “site-setting” in the administrator section I have to choose two languages, otherwise, it can’t be saved.
Another problem also arises, when I select the Manuscript theme the display is also broken but works for other types of themes.
2 Language
Must 2 languange
Eror if not

Use Default Theme
Use Manuscript Theme

This our journal link Ascarya Journal

Hi @solehhasan,

Can you post your issue to a new post, please? This is an older post, and deals with a different version of OJS, so it would be best if you had yours under a separate post - that will help to keep the forum organized.

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