OJS 3.2 and email setup options


I have looked throughout the forum for answers but could not locate an answer that helped. My apologies if i missed and if my post duplicates, so please send me the link if this has already been answered.

I would like to hear from forum members who went down a similar path to choose the best emailing option (PHPmailer, stmp, dkim/spf/dmarc, other methods). Ideally, I would like the OJS to handle all emails without any interventions from our IT team. We are migrating our OJS3 platform but staying away from cost-prohibitive options for budget-related reasons.

While I may want to use the domain name created by our IT department, I would like to do nothing more with them in terms of setting up email authentication (using dkim/spf/dmarc) , which eventually stopped working and prevented emails from going through. Is using PHPMailer the best option in that case? I also see an option to use Gmail SMTP (in the admin guide), so can I use Gmail for email authentication while retaining the domain name? Thank you in advance for your replies and insights. Be well and stay safe! – Arjun