Ojs 3.2.1 - sword

Dear all,
we are testing SWORD plugin on OJS 3.2.1.

I call SWORD api with two different URL’s but we have two different errors. In both cases we try with and without ‘?apiToken’ parameter.
Before call SWORD we export the endpoint with:

and export SWORD_ENDPOINT_URL=****

When we call with:**** the response is:

< sword:error>
< atom:summary>You are not authorized to make this request</atom:summary>
< /sword:error>

And when we call with:**** the response is:

{“error”:“api.404.endpointNotFound”,“errorMessage”:“The requested URL was not recognized.”}

We don’t know what call is the correct and we could do to get and ok.

Best regards

Hi @pir,

Can you clarify what tools you’re working with? Are you using the SWORD Server plugin (permitting deposit into OJS), or the SWORD plugin (permitting deposit from OJS into another system)? What version of that plugin do you have?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team