[OJS] Search Form Simple failed when click the search button

Hi everyone I have noticed an issue in the searching form in the OJS using the default theme, when I try to search something using the search box and click in the search button this takes me to the search results view but with 0 records.

Reviewing in the request I could notice the following query string parameters:

csrfToken: f4c35b2918b09c655e609e5f45b61674

As you can see the query parameter is empty. This doesn’t happen if I write the search term and press the enter key or if I search in the searching view.

I left some screenshots for a better understanding of the issue.
Figure 1.

Figure 2:

Figure 3:

I know that the searching works, if it is made using directly the search view, however there are some users which make the procedure before explained to search something in the OJS. That’s why I think this should be resolved. Someone in the PKP staff could help me to resolve this issue?. Thanks in advance.

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