[OJS] JATSParser plugin not work


Install the JatsParser plugin inside my OJS and I’m using the Manuscript theme, but it doesn’t show the side menu with the article items. It also generates the galley proof PDF, but it is empty.


Hi @diegomejia07,

What version of the JATS Parser Plugin are you using?
Are there any relevant errors in the PHP log?

Hi @Vitaliy,

The version I am using is 2.1.9-2.

The plugin was working and configured normally, like this in the documentation.

How do I make it possible to display the side menu in my magazine as seen in the example in the following image. I’m working with the Manuscript theme, since I can’t see it.



The styling and intra-article navigation aren’t created by a plugin, it’s the Old Gregg theme. To make the same for the Manuscript theme you’ll need to customize it in the same way, e.g., by creating a child theme and adapting CSS and JS.