OJS Issues/Article Import XML Template (with PDF from webserver)

We’ve upgraded our OJS to and now planning to release our forthcoming issue for our journal. I’ve taken an example Import XML script and followed through and changed

<name locale="en_US">filename.pdf</name>
            '<href src="http://www.web.com/local/filename.pdf"/>

instead of

<name locale="en_US">filename.pdft</name>
            <embed encoding="base64">dGVzdCB0Zc2V0IHN0c3Q=</embed>

On the Import Results screen I do not get any message as whether its successful or error. Under future issues, its blank like vol(), iss().

It is also so much confusing to label sequence numbers for article ID, author ID etc. I dont know where is the error. It would be so helpful if any of you please share an exmple XML script that can read PDF file from our server and create Table of Contents like previous OJS 2.5.

The problem is that we use shared server and have access to CPANEL only.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Vijay

Make sure the format of your XML is completed with proper tag such as author and other.

Try to upload just one and see if it is working.