OJS index.php (Home page) not opening on newly configured server

We have newly configured server for OJS for later upgrade to OJS but if we open OJS 3.2 home page then only text page is appeared.
Image attached:-
home page error ojs 3.2

Please suggest if any configuration was missing on server. please help

that .php file loading as a plain text. you need to configure your server properly. make sure the php7.4 is install and configure… different server different setup…

Are you sure you have the epubs subdomain?

epubs.icar.gov.in cannot be resolved to an IP Address

I think thats because the server is in development. Outside network cannot view. Only inside the network can view. They didnt allow outside connection yet.

If we open test.php file with <?php phpinfo(); ?>, then all information about php was displayed but if we are trying to open OJS 3.2, then above error is appearing.

Is the test.php inside the ejournal folder?

Yes, it’s in OJS folder, i think maybe Apache or php mbstring and XML missing. Will check tomorrow

after php supporting library installed problem solve, php supporting library not installed on server.

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