OJS [] Error assigning issue to article

Hi all!
I have a problem when assigning an issue to an article.
If I do it as the admin user it works fine but if I do it as another user I get the error:

You are not allowed to edit this publication.

The other user that has been used has the following roles assigned:

  • Section editor
  • Copyeditor
  • Layout Editor
  • Proofreader
  • Author
  • Reviewer
  • Journal manager
  • Journal editor
  • Production editor

This user has previously assigned issues to articles and it has been working, but I guess that this stopped working after installation of
How this has been tested: Submissions → All active → Click on submission → Publication → Issue → Assign to Issue → ERROR (You are not allowed to edit this publication.)
This user is also shown as an Section editor in the article.

What am I missing? What has changed from earlier?

Many thanks in advance!!
Best regards

Hi @marcus1,

The only thing I can think of right off is to check the roles settings and ensure that the you have the Section Editor (or another role that this individual has assigned) as having access to the Production phase in the settings: Users and Roles. Could you give that a try and let me know if that makes a difference?

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis,
I reviewed the roles and did not find anything strange and the roles that the user is assigned to has Production rights.
After looking around for a while I found something interesting that seems to solve the problem.
If I click on the submission I see the Participants, section editors on the right hand side.
If I click “Edit” on a section editor I get a popup (“Edit Assignment”).
There is a checkbox for permissions (Allow this person to make changes to the publication, such as the title, abstract, metadata and other publication details. You may wish to revoke this privilege if the submission has received a final check and is ready for publication.)
Neither of the section editors had this checked, so I checked it and tried to add it to an issue and it worked fine!
A question though, is this checkbox unchecked by default?
Apparently it does not matter what roles you have if this checkbox is not check you will not be able to handle publication. Is this by design?


Hi @marcus1,

Thanks for sharing your solution. That makes sense. I checked a few sample submissions, and I do believe that this is left unchecked by default, and it is left up to the Journal Manager / Editor to adjust these as they see fit. So, that is by design, I believe, so as to allow some more granularity to adjust what tasks those assigned can undertake for the submission.

PKP Team

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