[OJS] Error 500 in import/export


All the import and export management tools does not work, every time I try to export something I get the 500 error.
I checked my PHP error log for details and the result is:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /lib/pkp/classes/helpers/PKPCurlHelper.inc.php:25\nStack trace:
n#0 /plugins/importexport/doaj/DOAJExportPlugin.inc.php(111): PKPCurlHelper::getCurlObject()
n#1 /plugins/importexport/doaj/DOAJExportPlugin.inc.php(162): DOAJExportPlugin->depositXML(Object(Submission), Object(Journal), ‘{“bibjson”:{"jo…’)
n#2 /classes/plugins/PubObjectsExportPlugin.inc.php(171): DOAJExportPlugin->executeExportAction(Object(Request), Array, ‘article=>doaj-j…’, ‘exportSubmissio…’, ‘articles’, false)
n#3 /plugins/importexport/doaj/DOAJExportPlugin.inc.php(52): PubObjectsExportPlugin->display(Array, Object(Request))
n#4 /lib/pkp/pages/management/PKPToolsHandler.inc.php(104): DOAJExportPlugin->display(Array, Object(Request))
n#5 /lib/pkp/classes/core/PKPRouter.inc.php(391): PKPToolsHandler->importexport(Array, Object(R…\n’, referer: /management/importexport/plugin/DOAJExportPlugin

Thank you vso much for any comments to solve it.
Elena Cruz

Hello @Elena_Najera

It seems like you are lacking the php-curl extension on your server.

Depending on your OS something like

#apt install php-curl
#service apache2 restart

should work

Hope that helps!

Tank you @hilongo it works!

Elena Cruz

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