[OJS] URN Plugin - missing check number


I think the URN assignment is no longer correct. The check number is no longer appended automatically.
As a workaround I can do it manually (Plugin settings option "Enter an individual URN suffix for each published item. ") or directly in the table publication_settings.


I tested it on the OJS 3 test drive, it behaves in the same way.
Hi @NateWr, is this intended or could it be a bug?

Thanks @habib. Looks like this is a bug. I’ve filed it to be fixed and you can follow the GitHub issue for any updates.

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Hi @NateWr,

in OJS the URN plugin still doesn’t work properly.

  1. in publication > Identifiers the label is empty (this is a new error)

  2. The check number is not generated automatically.

I have also tested it on the PKP live demo installation.

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