Ojs 3.2.1-1 plantillas de correos electrónicos

Buenas noches, he actualizado a la versión 3.2.1-1, y en las plantillas de correos predeterminadas del sistema se listan plantillas en otros idiomas no configurados en la revista, como puedo eliminarlas? Adjunto imagen, saludos cordiales.
versión del sistema ojs 3.2.1-1
php 7.3
mariadb 10.1

Hi @marcemaurell,

The list should show email templates in your current language when they’re installed, but when a template is not available in your current language OJS will fall back on whatever language it finds first. Those BR_… templates (e.g. BFR_BOOK_ASSIGNED) are from the obsolete OJS 2.x Books For Review plugin and you can safely remove them.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

@asmecher what exactly is happening here? Does this mean that at some point in the past the Arabic language was enabled, and so the default email templates were installed in that language, and now they are the fallback language when the current/primary locale is not available?

Hi @NateWr,

Yes, I seem to recall a very old 2.4.x bug that led to templates being installed in Arabic even when that language wasn’t in use. So I would guess that the prepared emails list is just presenting the data that it’s got; the best resolution might be to just remove those BFR_… templates from the database directly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Buenas tardes, muchas gracias @asmecher. Saludos

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Hi @asmecher. I want to ask you how can I access to database to delete the templates? I really dont know how to do it