[OJS] How to remove 'Categories' from the Submit an Article-page?

Dear Team,

I have been experimenting with the Categories-function in OJS3 - more specifically OJS - to see what the possibilities are in creating a Curated Collections/Special Collections page similar to that of Cultural Anthropology on the website of our journal. I noticed that after creating a category, an extra section appears in the Submit an Article-page, as seen in the following screenshot:


This enables authors to already categorize articles themselves before an article is even accepted, let alone published. However, we would like to only give journal editors the option of categorizing articles and of building curated collections. How can we remove this option of selecting a category from the Submit an Article-page?

Hi @HansSp,

If you have categories enabled in your journal settings, you wouldn’t be able to modify this option, without modifying the underling code. However, editors can always deselect/change the category selection made by the user in the Production/Publication options, which is outlined in our documentation here: Chapter 15: Production and Publication

PKP team

Hi Roger,

Thank you for your swift reply! Ok, I think then it would be preferable for us to modify the code – though we are always hesitant to do so, since we do not know if we will run into trouble when updating to a newer version of OJS3. I am afraid that having the option of selecting categories on the article submission-page will cause confusion among authors. As a small side-note, I do think it might be convenient if JE’s could disable (for example in the Workflow Settings) the option of choosing a category on the submit-an-article-page in future versions of OJS.

Thanks again!

  • Hans

Hi @HansSp ,

Yes - customizing may come with the risk that it may be impacted by updates in the future. Please note that there has been some recent interest in changing this option (although it has not been decided on) - see here for the discussion: Add an option to enable/disable categories in submission workflow · Issue #6306 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub - please feel free to weigh in on the discussion there.

PKP team