[OJS] Error when uploading a revision of an existing file

Hi everyone,

I get this error when I try to change an existing galley file:

Errors occurred processing this form
The form was not submitted properly.
Missing or invalid component!

I tried to change a HTML or PDF-file, filesize is small, no problems with my php configuration.
The error comes after the upload. The upload doesn’t seem to really happen since I couldn’t find any new files in the file system. I never get to step 2 (‘Review Details’).
I also can’t delete the galley, nothing happens.
There are no errors in the log file.

Can someone help me?

The error occurred after I followed the instructions on

because I missed the german Email-templates. No idea whether there is a connection, but I also couldn’t change/save an existing announcement.


Okay, I figured it out:

A misconfiguration in config.inc.php:

base_url[myJournal] = https://my.server.com/path/myJournal

I forgot the “path” that led to all sorts of strange phenomena in the backend, but not in the frontend.

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