OJS Could not instantiate mail function

We are running OJS

When trying to send an “Request Revisions” email from a particular submission ID a notifications pops up saying it can’t send.
The php error log is Could not instantiate mail function.
SMTP is off
allow_envelope_sender = On
default_envelope_sender is set with our generic institution help email address

I’ve setup a test submission ID and this email works just fine so I’m not sure what could cause this problem. I’ve tried turning on debugging information but that didn’t produce anything useful.

I’m thinking there must be a problem with the parameters going to the mail function. I don’t see anything unusual in the email addresses of the contributors so it must be something else.
What file/function would I modify to get a dump of those parameters?


We found the problem. The size limit for email attachments as only 10MB. We found this in the email error log
Aug 13 15:20:36 journals postfix/postdrop[24483]: warning: uid=48: File too large

Increasing the limit fixed the problem.

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