OJS 3.2.01 Download

Good afternoon everyone,

First, thank you all for the great work you do, I learn a lot with you.

I have been trying to download 3.2.0-1 for a few days but it gives an error when it comes to downloading and it never downloads. I have downloaded the OJS 3.0.0 from the same page without problems, but with 3.2.0-1 there is no way, nor with 3.2.0. Is it a known problem? I’ve been searching the forums, but haven’t found anything about it.

Hopefully one of you can help us, so that we can update our OJS system.

A big hug to everyone.

Hi @jmbarroso,

I can download normally the file, but found some strange behavior. When downloading with Safari, the file has 169,7MB, but when downloading with Firefox it has 41,3MB.

In these two situations, both extractions of these tar.gz files show the same size 158,3MB.

As I use SSH to get the package on the server, I had no problem.

In your particular case, I recommend to try with another browser or check some security issues on your computer. Eventually these security aspects may be related with network.

If needed I can send you the tar.gz file with wetransfer.com


José Carvalho


Hi @josekarvalho,

Note the different extensions – .tar.gz vs. .tar. One of your browsers is unzipping the file automatically.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @josekarvalho,

thank you very much. Was a problem with AVG, now i can download the file.

Thank you very much for your offer to share the file.

Muito obrigado.