[OJS 3.2.0-3] sidebar issues and website appearance setup is missing

After upgrading from to 3.2.0-3 the sidebar has the following issues:

  1. In all journals most of the sidebar items are deactived and some unselected items are missing. Before the update:
    After the update
  2. In one journal an item cannot be activated (custom block, 400 Bad Request, no error in log)
  3. After items are activated and ordered the item order is lost on reload. The order is still correct in the journal page however.

Finally one journal’s settings are missing:

During the upgrade there were many warnings with varying ContextIds:
WARNING: The NavigationMenu (ContextId: 7, Title: User Navigation Menu, Area: user) will be skipped because the specified area has already a NavigationMenu attached.

There is obviously something wrong in the database. Where can I start looking for a solution these problems? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Issue 2 solved: Custom Block Manager allows letters, numbers, and hyphens/underscores in name but Sidebar only allows letters and numbers. Creating a new block without hyphen solved the issue.

Final journal settings missing solved: changing locale or checking the Forms checkbox in Settings > Website > Setup > Languages: Forms makes the settings visible again.

Sidebar items are saved correctly (journal_settings table):
but are displayed in wrong order after reload:

Found JSON in response:

        "name": "sidebar",
        "component": "field-options",
        "label": "Sidebar",
        "groupId": "default",
        "isRequired": false,
        "isMultilingual": false,
        "value": ["makesubmissionblockplugin", "languagetoggleblockplugin", "informationblockplugin", "EditoriPalvelu"],
        "type": "checkbox",
        "isOrderable": true,
        "options": [{
            "value": "WebFeedBlockPlugin",
            "label": "Web Feed Plugin"
        }, {
            "value": "UsageStatsOptoutBlockPlugin",
            "label": "Usage Statistics Privacy Information"
        }, {
            "value": "EditoriPalvelu",
            "label": "EditoriPalvelu (Custom Block)"
        }, {
            "value": "informationblockplugin",
            "label": "Information Block"
        }, {
            "value": "makesubmissionblockplugin",
            "label": "\"Make a Submission\" Block"
        }, {
            "value": "languagetoggleblockplugin",
            "label": "Language Toggle Block"
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It apparently does not help to change locale or checking the Forms. Several of the sidebar elements is still missing, so I will have to manually check the sidebar for each individual journal. Quite a lot of work when you consider that we are hosting over 160 journals.
We are testing the OJS and plan to make a update in the near future.
Niels Erik

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