OJS Review Reminder

We have upgraded our staging site to and I am doing testing. I noticed that the Review Reminders/Response Reminders have changed. In previous versions of OJS, you could select “Never Remind”. Now it’s just a space to enter a number. It’s on unclear what will happen if you enter 0. Will it not send a reminder? Will it send a reminder on the day it’s due?

Can someone tell me what will happen if I select “0”? Since I’m working on staging I would like to test the automated emails but I don’t want them to go out for real journals. Normally I would go in and select “Never remind” for all of our real journals on staging but that option is no longer available.

ojs screenshot


Hi @Janet_Swatscheno,

I believe the intention was to allow users to clear the field entirely if they didn’t want reminders to be sent.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team