OJS 3.2.0-3 recaptcha bug

OJS 3.2.0-3

recaptcha bug. When a user connects through a proxy - in this case an institutional subscriber using EZProxy and OpenAthens the URL that users see for our Journal is https://jtde-telsoc-org.eu1.proxy.openathens.net/

Our journal https://jtde.telsoc.org/

If someone tries to register through the proxy Recaptcha reports “ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key”

It would be great if OJS was modified to remove the recaptcha for institutional domains or IP.

I would appreciate help overcoming this issue - our institutional subscribers are vital.


There is a possible solution on this page

but this means the domain needs to be validated locally, and whilst there is this option in the OJS config file, I would appreciate guidance on how I can get this to work with proxy addresses

; Validate the hostname in the ReCaptcha response
recaptcha_enforce_hostname = Off