[OJS] Custom Block Manager error to upload image

Hi everyone, I have found the following error when I tried to upload an image through the Custom Block Manager editor


I have reviewed my error_log file on my server, but there is nothing about the error. I have reviewed the directory which the images are stores, exists and has the right permissions to write within it and I have reviewed the space on disk, there is about 4 GB available.

Can someone help me to resolve this issue?, The version of OJS is and these are the features of my server:

PHP 7.2.22
Apache 2.4.6

Best regards.

Hi @juancure,

What do you have set for public_user_dir_size in your config.inc.php configuration file?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

I am also facing the same issue. I have not made any changes to public_user_dir_size. It is set at 5000. My other journal too is set at 5000 which is working fine. However, newer one (with another domain and hosting plan) is showing the error stated by @juancure

I am using OJS

Hi @asmecher I have checked that variable has 0 as value. I’ve never edited that value on the config.inc.php.

As I believed that something with the code could be the cause, I decided using a clean code from the tar.gz file for my OJS version, and that worked to me.