[OJS] Problem with saving reviewing guidelines and journal reordering

I have just upgraded to OJS I can save single line in reviewer guidelines but can not save of its more than one line.

The other issue is journal ordering doesn’t work and revert back to previous order.

I am also not able to reorder the journals.
I put the journal in position and when I click on Done, the journal goes back to the position it was in before.
Version 3.2.0-3. Postrgres 7.
About this problem, no httpd log.

Hi @esciencepress,

A fix is in the works for the journal ordering, but I have not been able to recreate the issue with the reviewer guidelines.

Could you provide me with the text you’re using for the reviewer guidelines so I can look into the issue with the text you’re using? Thanks.

Erik Hanson
Public Knowledge Project Team