[OJS 3.2.0-2] Future Issue preview article links give 404 error

One of the journals I help with http://tpre.ecu.edu has a future issue. Initially the preview did not list any articles but I found a patch for that issue. For some reason the article links are throwing a 404 error. The TPRE is using OJS 3.2.0-2. I created a instance on a old laptop and the same thing occurred. article/view/1 and article/view/1/1 both give the page not found error.


To add to Nick’s statement, it almost looks like the article link is directed to the wrong file. This is the URL for the preview of the future issue: Vol. 10 No. 1 (2020): Theory & Practice in Rural Education | Theory & Practice in Rural Education And this is one of the links to a galley file: View of Editorial
740 is the Submission #, I figured that out. And 41 indicates it is the 41st article to be published.

Does this info help any? -


We are experiencing the same problem in our test platform, and I saw it on OJS testdrive too!

We are testing OJS 3.2.1 and we get 404 on both the article page and the galley.
The issue galley worked correctly.

Hi all,

At the moment, OJS 3.2.x does not support article previews, just issue Table of Contents previews. Following the link to the article will cause a 404 because the associated article has not yet been published. This has been filed for improvement at Allow editors and editorial assistants to preview an article before it is published · Issue #5565 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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We just upgraded to OJS and are unable to open article files (PDFs) while Previewing an issue.

I understand that this is a bug and that the resolution is complex, but this functionality was present in previous versions of OJS and the lack of this feature can really slow down the final check of a journal issue before it is published, since galley files need to be opened within the submissions.

There is a kludgy workaround, which is to temporarily publish the issue without notifying users, review the articles/PDFs, then un-publish the issue (or leaving it published if the issue is OK) does work, but is cumbersome and seems to cause issues with the assignment of DOIs (still exploring this to confirm).

Is there any hope that this will be resolved soon?

Best regards,
Marianne Reed
Manager, Digital Publishing Services, University of Kansas Libraries
Journals @ KU

We use OJS and have the same 404 error, both on the article pages and on the galleys (HTML and PDF)

This problem has been solved in OJS . THANK YOU, DEVELOPERS!!

– Marianne Reed
Digital Initiatives Manager, University of Kansas Libraries

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