[OJS 3.2.0-2] Contributors dont show using Health Science Theme

Hi, i update my ojs to and i changed theme, now i use healthscience theme, but in lazit issu in two articles doesnt show authows in website and in administartor panel, how can i add author (contributors) in published article?

Hi @thelaris,

In order to add contributors to a published article, under the Publication tab, you will first need to Unpublish the article.

After it’s been unpublished, under the Contributor tab you will need to select ‘Add contributor’

image .

Once you’ve completed making the change, click Schedule for Publication to publish.

This process change is a result of the versioning feature introduced in OJS 3.2. To learn more about this, please see Learning OJS 3.2

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project

I have one more problem, in ojs site pdf viewer doesnt shows pdf from browser?
what can i do?